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We Are Pleased You Wish To Join Our Lessons


Before joining, it's important that you read the "Rules and Etiquette" below and Download the ZOOM app on your mobile device or computer, prior to joining the lesson. 

While we would like to accommodate everyone, we operate on a first come, first served basis as we have a capacity to host 25 students per session, to ensure an effective and intimate lesson.

Note: All sessions are BEGINNER level unless written ADVANCED in topic title.

Cappadocia Lesson
Cappadocia Activities
Rules & Etiquette


Only join if you are between 13-18 years of age.


Please come to class on time, we begin immediately.


Upon logging in, write your:

Name & Grade (Do Not Write Your Surname)


Please do not be inappropriate on video or audio.


Your microphone will be off/muted in the beginning of the lesson. To have permission to speak, "Raise Your Hand" by clicking "Particpants". This will prompt the teacher to unmute you.

Mac Desktop


If you are having an important technical issue, please use the chatbox to message the teacher privately.


Please sit in a quiet room with a good internet connection.


Participate in the conversations and activities as much as possible. Do your best :)


Uploading a profile picture is nice for the teacher to see who you are.


Please check your mobile devices beforehand to be sure they are charged.

Our schedule is subject to change week by week so please check frequently for current updates of times and topics.

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