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We are delighted to announce we have successfully completed our first collaboration/sponsorship between KODA (Köy Okullar Değişim Ağı) and the Foundation.

This English language-training program was developed as a pilot program and was taught by one of our teachers employed by the Garip and Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation. The program’s aim was to train 25 primary school teachers across 17 cities in Turkey, to teach a higher quality English education to students who are socio-economically disadvantaged (at village schools).


This program was a 3-month program, which took place from March to end of May, in which teachers were taught how to teach English despite having limited knowledge in this subject.

The 25 teachers were also taught effective self-study practices to keep their English learning sustainable beyond this program to ensure their students get a higher quality of English education too. In addition, the teachers on the program underlined that, thanks to this program, their self-confidence, pronunciation and speaking skills improved while learning English, which they had difficulty in achieving until today. We would also like to share the fact that we received full marks in our satisfaction survey conducted by the trainers.


It was wonderful to hear how much the teachers not only enjoyed and valued the lessons but also developed new study habits for their English learning. The teachers stated that their English studies boosted their self-confidence and helped improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. We are all very happy with the outcome and look forward to seeing how this program continues in Fall to impact more lives in the near future.

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