About Us

English W/Tech is a free & online English learning program created by the Garip & Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation with academic consultancy from prestigious university academicians and consultants.

The program began in October 2019 as a pilot program at YILPORT Anatolian and Vocational High School, teaching 100 selected students English speaking lessons. With the International TEFL Academy partnership that started in November 2021, students now have the opportunity to practice their English-speaking skills with native speakers from all over the world.

The focus is on teaching conversational English by use of advanced technological tools to capture the digitally-native Generation Z students, while giving them a chance to socialize with their peers. The goal is to offer these students free supplementary lessons that can teach them that learning English can be fun, feasible and easy. We introduce and teach students beneficiary tools to sustain their studies while alone in self-practice.
As preferred by the digital age, we use modern technology instead of traditional education methods to grab the attention of the youth, including middle school and high school students, with its doors opening to university students.

Our classes are divided into 2 different proficiency levels, beginner/intermediate and advanced, being held online during weekdays. They consist of comprehensive content enriched with numerous interesting topics and supported by visuals, videos, and digital tools.

For English to be taken seriously, it must be seen as fun and useful. We do our best to teach the importance of knowing the language while also teaching about: world culture, pop culture, trending current news and different countries and cultures. We want our students to be citizens of the world as independent thinkers with an open mind and broad knowledge of the world around them.