English W/Tech
English W/Tech platform was launched in 2019 to make English education accessible for all.
As Türkiye’s first online English-speaking platform, English W/Tech offers classes to students aged 13-25 from different countries around the world.
As a unique learning platform, English W/Tech enables high school and university students to receive English-speaking lessons.
The lessons consist of comprehensive content enriched with numerous interesting topics and supported by visuals, videos, and digital tools.
As part of our platform’s partnership with International TEFL Academy, students can practice their English-speaking skills with native speaking teachers, mainly coming from the USA, Canada and the UK.
Featured Online Courses
As Türkiye’s first online English-speaking platform, our mission is to help students practice their English-speaking skills through conversation courses and online learning.
Easy Online Learning
Adjusting to modern times through a digital world of technology and social media, our platform is perfectly integrated into online learning that Generation Z finds fun and easy to access.
Modern Technological Tools
We integrate advanced technological-based applications into learning with the heavy use of visuals, videos, and digital tools.
Qualified Native Teachers
Native speaking teachers at English W/Tech hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in English education or an internationally-recognized English teaching certificate.
Enriched Lesson Topics
Our lessons cover a wide range of fun and educative topics, including technology, travel, cultural activities, social media, psychology, games, and many more.
Sustainable Self-Learning
Our ultimate goal is to make learning English self-sustainable and help the youth open up to the world with fluent English-speaking skills and independent thinking.


Garip & Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation
The Garip and Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation (GZYV) is the charitable foundation of YILDIRIM Group and the pillar of all its philanthropic and corporate social responsibility activities. Based on the values and sense of responsibility that lie at the heart of YILDIRIM Group and business culture, the Foundation’s mission is to build a fairer society with equal opportunities for all. To bring this vision to reality, we have launched initiatives that focus on: Education, Gender Equality and Youth Development.